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Choose your Path to Wellness

  • Lifestyle Coaching

    No workouts. Think of this as lifestyle/wellness therapy.
    Valid for one month
    • One 60-minute Zoom video Power Session per week
    • Guided Nutrition Curriculum
    • Daily Food & Lifestyle accountability
    • Comprehensive Custom 8-wk Meal and Lifestyle Plan to Follow
    • 4-Week Program
    • Buy 8 Weeks and get one Week Free
    • Dialing in on emotional and mental health issues
    • Knowledge, resources, daily support & more.
  • Virtual Individual Personal Training

    Every month
    One-on-one Personal Training - online via Zoom
    • Two 30-minute zoom workout sessions per week
    • Fitness Homework- Protocol
    • 8-Week Custom Meal Plan
    • Daily meal accountability and support
    • Progressive workouts designed to meet your goals
    • Discounted cost for our Live Wellness Webinars
    • Unlimited email and text support
  • Group Training

    Every month
    Designed for intermediate- advanced clients
    • Two 40 minute online Workouts Per Week
    • Dynamic, progressive workouts designed to challenge you
    • Fat Loss Guide Included
    • 4-week Weight Loss Meal Plan
    • Fitness Homework- Protocol to enhance your results
  • A-la-carte Virtual Coaching Session-

    Individual lifestyle Coaching Session
    • a Single 60- minute Lifestyle Coaching Session
    • Get your fitness questions answered.
    • Choose a wellness topic to learn about.
    • Learn what you need to do to jumpstart your wellness journey
    • How to you rebuild your entire life in order to get healthy
    • Add individual sessions as needed
  • Senior Fitness

    Every month
    Perfect for Seniors over 60
    • A program designed to improved mobility and balance
    • Improve muscle mass and bone density
    • Learn how to age gracefully and powerfully
    • Nutrition guidance to reach your goals
    • Low impact, cardio and weight training based program
    • Improve core and lower back strength
    • Exercises to enhance vitality and energy for Seniors
    • Two 30 Minute Zoom Workout Sessions per week
  • Concierge - In Home Personal Training

    Every month
    We come to you to train you!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 30-40 minute workout sessions
    • custom meal plan
    • Daily food and meal plan accountability
    • Body measurements, weight monitoring , body fat analysis
    • Bi-Weekly nutrition coaching session via Zoom
    • Unlimited text support
  • In Studio Personal Training- Grayson, GA

    Every month
    Come to my home gym
    Valid for 6 months
    • 2 or 3 -40-minute workouts
    • Custom Meal Plans
    • Daily food and meal accountability
    • Body measurements, body fat analysis, weight monitoring
    • Bi-weekly Zoom nutrition coaching sessions
    • unlimited text support
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