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So you're here. You've taken the most important step...seeking the guidance of a Coach. And you may ask why do you need a Fitness/Wellness Coach? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. You are not motivated to exercise on your own and need that consistent push. 

  2. Your eating habits are out of control and you have no idea what to eat to get healthy. 

  3. The life you want seems unreachable because you can’t figure out why you’re stuck in unhealthy cycles of poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle and toxic habits. 

  4. You need someone who’s been where you are and who knows what it takes to lose weight without gimmicks and can teach you how to keep it off. 

  5. You are missing the accountability, motivation and inspiration you need in order to jumpstart your goals and to keep going. 

 The Bella Fitness Lifestyle Coaching Program is designed to address all of the above issues and more. We offer an inclusive and comprehensive Coaching Package which is a Mind, Body &  Soul approach to longterm health.


The nutrition component of the Program includes a once a week Zoom Nutrition Coaching session where you and I will go over a 4-module Nutrition Program designed to teach you 4 Fundamental Elements of Nutrition and Lifestyle Balance.  This program also includes daily food accountability where you and I stay in touch about what you’re eating and how you’re moving and what changes your’e making. Lifestyle changes are about actively and intentionally creating healthier habits. The goal of the program is to educate you on the importance of fueling your body with nutritionally dense foods that support your health goals, discovering what your body needs at this stage of your life, considering lifestyle and hormone changes and creating a sustainable plan that you can follow to achieve your goals. 

The Exercise component is either your choice of 2 or 3 days a week of guided personal training at your home or at my home studio in Grayson, GA or virtuality, via Zoom. 

Pricing is individual and based on your needs, your goals and length of package  and number of sessions per week.

Connect with me to discuss your goals and let's set a plan for a healthier future.

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